What do we manufacture?

We manufacture footwear. But not just another shoe
many that exist on the market. We manufacture “the
footwear”. That is, boots, maxi-boots and elaborate ankle boots
with non-animal skins.


That’s ME Technology. Our distinctive. What it does to us
different from everyone; a differential feature that not only
belongs to us, but to all those consumers
that Miss Elastic shoes.


They all know that their feet “travel” around the world.
respecting the new rules that surround us. Those that
They pursue cars without gasoline, seas without plastics,
forests without fires… And shoes made without using
animal skins! All of them, when buying Miss Elastic,
They are also building, raising their voices in search of
a better world.



How do we do it?

Can you wear an elegant shoe at the same time?
what comfortable? Yes Is it necessary to resort to fur
animals to get it? No


For us, where and under what conditions
make our shoes, as well as the
materials with which they are made, are
non-negotiable issues.


Miss Elastic uses ECO-LEATHER (material that imitates
the finish of the skin, but does not attack or
mistreats nature) and fabric microfibers
natural. It is adaptable, something essential for the
ergonomics of the shoe and it does so to not have
than using animal skins.


ECO-DRY Solutions is a completely
impervious to external water and permeable to
natural foot sweating.

Made in Spain

Each MISS ELASTIC product is designed, cut and
Made entirely in Spain.


We do without animal skins and avoid the process of
highly polluting tannery, as well as the
exposure to tannins and acids to artisans and
workers who manufacture them.

RQR technology



At MissElastic we believe we can do better,
To do this, we incorporate recycled materials into our
products inspired by the six fundamental R’s
of our brand:


1 REJECT everything we don’t need.
2 REDUCE everything we consume more.
3 REUSE giving a second life to the products.
4 RECYCLE the materials that we cannot even reduce
nor reuse.
5 REGENERATE our forests and coral reefs.
6 HOLD all of us RESPONSIBLE to save the


We reuse six plastic bottles to make each
RQR shoe by MissElastic.

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